What Is Medizar

Medizar Sanitiser Products Ltd is a UK based company with all products developed and manufactured in the UK – a guarantee of continuing quality now and for the future.

Medizar is a Hospital Grade sanitiser & cleaner ideal for:

  • HEALTH: Hospitals, Polyclinics, Aged Care and Doctor’s surgeries, Dialysis Centres (Hospital Grade EN 16615 Certified).
  • Cleaning & Sanitising of Commercial premises, Government Buildings.
  • Food & Beverage Processing & Distribution centres.
  • FOGGING – Aircraft (AMS 1452C Certified), Mass Rapid Transit, Buses
  • Personal Care.

All Medizar products are extensively tested and all efficacy claims are certified.

Medizar characteristics:

  • Bactericidal, Sporicidal – Certified to kill COVID-19
  • Tested and certified to provide 30 days protection against tested bacteria on hard surface areas such as hospital floors, ambulances, ward furniture, ward surfaces, doors, washrooms, toilets, etc.
  • Provides 6 hours protection on the skin with one application.
  • Completely alcohol free, 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • No hazard indicators and non-irritant to the skin.
  • Gained BS EN Certificate 13697 (30 second kill) against MRSA and E. Coli.
  • Certified bactericidal/virucidal against the deadly ‘superbugs’ NDM-1 and Norovirus.
  • Gentle on sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and is completely irritant free.

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