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Tournistrip ® - The Single Use Disposable Tourniquet.

Medizar Sanitiser Products is delighted to confirm that we have been appointed the sole distributor in the Middle East for the Tournistrip® Disposable tourniquet from ASep Healthcare UK.

Tournistrip is ASep Healthcare's award winning, single-use disposable tourniquet and represents a simple and eloquent innovation for a medical tourniquet.
As a disposable tourniquet, Tournistrip will help combat cross-infection and reduce Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI)
Tournistrip ® is the only Medical Tourniquet to have been clinically trialled, involving two London Teaching Hospitals, 226 patients and 20 phlebotomists.
Its design has considerable advantages over competitive disposable tourniquets and the time is right to convert reusable devices to single-use:

  • Developed by healthcare professionals as a direct result of an unmet clinical need
  • Looks and operates like a conventional tourniquet
  • Unique design and construction means the tourniquet is truly single use
  • Easy to tension and offers single handed release & removal
  • May be branded with your logo and/or communication message

Tournistrip ® - Selected as the official tourniquet for the London Olympics 2012.


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